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Interview with Roozbeh Naghshineh, young Iranian architect

24 February 2008
Published in Attualità
by Roozbeh Naghshineh

Why have you chosen to study abroad? And why in Milan?

The main reason for applying to an international university course in Milan was to experience a different academic system; moreover the opportunity to enroll to an University of acceptable cost and to live in a city closer to my home country, discount compared to the other European and American universities

An extra incentive in favour of Milan is the behaviour of the Italians, purchase wich are very nice people, with many cultural similarities with the Persians.

Are you satisfied with your choice?

I believe that when someone changes his lifestyle, such as studying in a foreign country for a long period of time, one should not expect to live in a comfortable situation for a while. Different everyday living situations create several problems, including a phenomenon known as “culture shock”.

But above all these facts, I am still content of the decision that I have made.


Was it difficult to interact with Italians in general? How do you describe Italians of your age in particular?
As I mentioned , I have found Italian very familiar and mostly so kind. It is hard to say whether I have had any problems with them since I am here; throughout different situations such as police office, bank, university or pubs.

It sounds odd , but they act more friendly when they figure out that I am a Persian. This also supports my idea about the conjunction between our cultures.

Are you satisfied about your studies in the Politecnico of Milan? Can you compare your studying experience in Italy with the one you had in Iran?

I have already passed one third of my doctoral program and there have been and still are positive points that keep me satisfied.

It looks like the most serious problem is the language; it is expected that all international PhD students are familiar with the Italian language almost at a good level. 80% of all seminars, lectures and workshops at the Politecnico are in Italian; even if the professors can speak English, they still give the lectures in Italian because the Italian students don’t understand English well.

Given that the lessons and the official lmailing are in Italian. I wonder why they just provided the enrollment form in English!

In fact the lack of English knowledge can be experienced almost everywhere in Milan, but maybe it is less expected in a university. In brief, compare with my country where almost everyone knows English expecially at the university, it looks that the persons in charge of the Politecnico should be concerned about their international status more than what they do.

From the point of view of available facilities and equipments, here there are many more than what we have in Iran or among the other universities that I know. However it is regretful that most of the students I have met in Milan do not properly use them.

You are now working with an Italian architect. How do you describe your working experience? What are the similarities and the differences with your previous experiences with Iranian studios?

I prefer not to answer this one , because I have experienced only one studio in Milan; so if I want to compare it with those I had worked for in Iran, for me it looks too personal and so there is nothing in general to talk about.

Speaking of the works, there are different types of projects indeed. Clearly here they pay more attention to the spaces than in my country and also I find the municipalities’ regulations stricter and more punctual than ours, which thing has helped the city to mantain its identity. Beati voi!

Where will be your future? Are you thinking about staying in Italy or going back to Iran?

Continuing my profession as a researcher will be more satsfactory in the EU than in my country.

Otherwise, in my opinion there will be more privatisations and consequently more opportunities in my country for the architectural profession: if you are going to ask to me which will be my decision, honestly that will be depending on what will happen in the future. I always believed on “ CHANGE.CHANGE IS GOOD” Louis Rossetto

What are your advices to other foreigners thinking about coming to Italy to study and to work?

My advice to everyone who wants to move out of his country for any reason is to figure out in advance what he/she is looking for, and if moving really is the only way to reach it. Because usually when you enter to a new country ,you will find yourself being swallowed by different systems that want you becomes a part of them, if you haven’t set your aims , they will make you one and sooner or later you will find yourself faraway than what you had expected to be. In fact this is on of the specification of developed countries to have a system, so do Italy.

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