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Turmoil in Iran

25 October 2009
Published in Attualità, Politics
by Leili Irani

iran3In the occasion of the tenth presidential election in the Islamic Republic of Iran, cialis four candidates have been qualified by the Guardian Council to compete..

People’s participation in the elections of the Islamic Republic is a great deal since the political system is based on the cooperation of different nationalities. As a result, salve the government decided to heat up the elections by organizing public debates between candidates as it happens in western elections. All candidates engaged themselves in being respectful in criticizing the others. Nevertheless, try the candidate of the conservative party, Mr. Ahmadinejad, openly insulted M.Moussavi, the reformist candidate, and his sponsor Mr. Hashemi Rafsanjani, one of the most influential clergymen. President Ahmadinejad accused Mr. Rafsanjani and his family of exploiting national property for their own interest and said that the three candidates opposing him were part of an alliance agaist him.

These words faced the serious objection of the reformist party and Mr. Rafsanjani himself. Thus, he requested a comeback on TV  that has been denied. The official reason was that it could have been a distraction during the period of elections; therefore, it has been postponed to sometime after the elections. M.Ahmadinejad’s straightforward words and charges against Rafsanjani caused in a way a strong reaction of the people against both figures. Due to the fact that the majority of the Iranians has been under an enormous economic pressure during Ahmadinejad’s governement, they decided to support Moussavi massively. The western medias supported the nation’s decision by fulltime sponsorship of the reformist party.

On the day of the elections, the Guardians of the Islamic Republic intensified the massive security presence in the country. Each party should have had its representatives in the polling stations but, besides Ahmadinejad’s conservative representatives, they have not been permitted to enter the polling stations. The majority of the people was sure that the first round of elections would have been won by Moussavi and the reformists but, surprisingly, the results gave 24 million votes to Ahmadinejad, the absolute majority. The fraud which took place in the course of the elections was clear to everyone and the other candidated immediately asked for the nullification of the election results.

Peaceful protests took place, organized by Moussavi’s supporters also called as the ‘Green Party’ from the colour they used to mark their opposition. These protests have been frequently interrupted by military troops and many demonstrators have been killed and injured as an outcome. The government paid some people from relatively low social classes to face the peaceful protesters and beat them. The government officials offered these people free university entrances or scholarships and promised to give economical aid to their families. This situation is still going on.

It is a right of all citizens in democratic countries to elect a person who they believe is a good leader and to nullify the candidacy of an unsuitable person. In Iran, on the other hand, this fundamental right has been suppressed and stolen from the people. Amongst the awful repressive acts carried on by the government, was the murder of many youth such as ‘Neda Agha Soltan’ and ‘Sohrab Aaraabi’.

Regarding the strong opposition of the Iranian nation towards the government of Iran and the quest for changing the system, it is necessary to receive collaboration and support from the western countries. The government of the United States has broken off all relations with Iran since the commencement of the Islamic Republic and has imposed severe economic sanctions on the country. These sanctions, however, did not cause much effect on the economic situation in Iran since they were not supported by countries with huge economic exchanges with Iran, such as China and Russia.

However it’s worth mentioning an other aspect of economic sanctions: countries like China and Russia, led by dictatorial governments, are seeking their own benefits in this situation. They have been able to obtain a great deal of profit by selling merchandise of relatively low quality to Iran. As an example, the purchase of Russian airplanes from the ‘Topolov’ aircraft company, that are forbidden to fly in Europe, has caused a great amount of damage due to their low quality standard. Up until now many of these planes precipitated or have been demolished. The last incident caused 168 loss, all the passengers in the Topolov were killed on their flight to Armenia. Another flight from a Russian aircraft company collided with the ground and led to many deaths and injuries.

These incidents occur because of the American economic sanctions held against Iran and because of the refusal of the American aircraft companies such as ‘Airbus’ and ‘Boeing’ to sell their planes to the country. In this way the nation will have to pay the heavy price of losing their lives.

Based on the previous matters, the Iranian nation, which is a liberal and peace seeking nation, requests the serious collaboration of the western countries to put an end to the Islamic Republic and to create a new democratic regime through free elections. We can only hope that the blood that was shed from our youth will not be squandered and that the people responsible for these terrible murders will pay the price of their violence.

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