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The Tamarind will miss: Louise Bourgeois

6 June 2010
Published in Culture
by The Tamarind

We will miss her grace, here we will miss her irony, buy we will miss the sensuality of her work. Louise Bourgeois died in New York City at the age of 98 on May 31st.  Often referred to as a matriarch in the art world, she was a pivotal figure in the contemporary scene, for the iconic feminine imagery and the extent of her influence. She owes the nickname Spiderwoman to her very eminent work Mamam, the imposing yet light sculpture representing a spider, meant as an ode to her own mother and now instantly associated with Bourgeois after having appeared in the most prestigious locations over the years since it was commissioned by the Tate Modern in 2000. A sort of irreverent grandmother – a famous portrait by Robert Mapplethorpe comes to mind – she has explored the themes of subconscious, memory, motherhood, sex. As Richard Wentworth has said: “I think she’s really necessary. Assessing her is like asking what a mountain does: it’s simply there.”

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