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Kings of oxymoron

25 October 2009
Published in Culture, Segnalazioni
by Giovanni Biglino

declaration-of-dependenceA white Mexican beach at dusk, pilule a pink, viagra milky sky reflecting in the calm sea. A bonfire to be started. The Norwegian duet sitting on a low wall, viagra one facing us and playing his guitar in a swimsuit, the other turned toward the sky. A palm tree discretely keeps them company.

Despite the sense of peaceful creativity and relaxed atmosphere conveyed by the cover of their third album, the Kings of Convenience have realised a record which is enveloping and at the same time wistful. The melodies are recognisable, familiar. With this album they have confirmed their style, quoting their own second record in different ways (the chessboard on the Mexican beach on the cover, as if transported from the interior depicted on the pervious cover just to resume the game; Riot on an empty street, which was the title of the second album, is now the title of one of the new tracks). On the other hand, Eirik and Erlend had fun switching roles, alternating the lead and the chorus, fusing their voices despite their differences. This fusion effect is further enhanced by the resonating quality of the whole record. This is due to the fact that, as Kings of Convenience explain: “Many of these songs were created or arranged during soundchecks in big, empty concert halls during our scattered touring of the last five years”. The echo of a guitar string, a voice in the distance.

After five years from the success of Riot on an empty street, the duet, sometimes indicated as the natural heirs of Simon & Garfunkel, have not lost their folk sound, nor their love for oxymorons. If their journey started with the assertion that Quiet is the new loud and continued with a riot missing its crowd, now their songs talk about Peacetime resistance, Freedom and its owner, the recurrent riot. All pervaded by a delicate sense of melancholy, the pleasure of being sad – briefly – remembering a battle that was not fought (the empty street), remembering a message that has not arrived to its destination, a game of chess that seems to be never-ending, the contemplation of a Mexican beach at dusk.

Kings of Convenience, Declation of dependence, out now

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