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The Tamarind loves: fresh asparagus

12 May 2010
Published in Blog
by The Tamarind

We at The Tamarind have previously written about Pedlars (refresh your memory here), illness the enterprise created by Charlie and Caroline Gladstone, search a colourful co-existence of vintage pieces, beautiful prints, kitchen utensils, Hunter boots and any possible item carrying the logo ‘Keep calm and carry on’. They have recently curated the photography exhibition at Gallery 5 in Notting Hill showing the work of Emmanuel Berry. But this is phenomenal! Among Pedlar’s assets is an organic farm in Wales and you can now order freshly-cut asparagus and have them delivered to your door in 24 hours. In their own words: “Unless you grow your own asparagus it is hard to get a fresher version of this vegetable-to-end-all-vegetables” 

There is a limited quantity available every day but you can try and place an order here.

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