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Giuseppe Matteo Vaccaro Incisa

incisaLawyer, double-Ph.D. Candidate in International Law (Geneva University and Bocconi University); LL.M. in International Dispute Settlement (IHEID and Geneva University); Master of Science in Law (Bocconi University). Matteo’s credo is that simplest things (e.g., an apple?) are the most dangerous, simplistic solutions (e.g., to eat it?) the less effective and simple people (e.g., Adam?) incredibly tedious. Travelled extensively across Europe, North America and Africa. Lived in Florence, Paris, Genoa, New York, Milan, Los Angeles and Geneva. Fell for Los Angeles but eventually chose Milan, where he currently lives. After many detours (experiences, mistakes - as you wish) he has now found his path: international law lawyer, he is also lecturer at the Catholic University of Lille and at the Bocconi University, where he attempts to forge the passion for international law and legal writing in his younger fellows. He writes on international relations and geo-political matters since 2008.

Website http://italyohmylove.blogspot.com/