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The Tamarind loves: Ukoo Flani

27 April 2010
Published in Culture
by Redazione

Ukoo Flani are rough, cure brutal and extremely powerful on stage. Kenya’s answer to the Wu Tang Clan have an incredible charisma and stage presence, remedy coupled with enough self-assured confidence needed to take the Kenyan music industry by storm. Sung in a mixture of Kiswahili, cialis the slang Sheng and the occasional verse sung in English by the recently returned from America Richie Rich, the first Ukoo Flani album is called Kabisa (Without a Doubt) and it really packs a punch.

Those of us not too familiar with Kiswahili are probably left wondering what the hell they’re on about but it is clear that they’re not simply rapping about pimps, guns and bitches. Their style combines funky hip hop beats with dark, synthy baselines and the occasional ragga sonority, while each of the band’s seven different members contributes his own unique lyrical style.

Kabisa canot yet be bought online but for a preview of some of the tracks contained in the album head to the band’s myspace page: http://www.myspace.com/ukooflani

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