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(Italiano) (English) Is Damascus on the way to conversion?

22 mars 2009
Posté Attualità, Politics
de Rocco Polin

Désolé, cet article est seulement disponible en English.

3 Responses to “(Italiano) (English) Is Damascus on the way to conversion?”

  1. Luna B. dit :

    I wonder if the time has truly become ripe enough for Syria & Israel to make peace and if Syria will be able to play a key role in resolving the Middle Eastern mess that has been going on for too long. As far as I know, Israeli people (not politicians) are not keen on giving up the Golan heights and Syrians are not keen on letting it go. How did everything become SO complicated in this region?! Anyway Great Article!

    ps: truly original and funny self description

  2. Rocco dit :

    I don’t know if the time has truly become ripe enough, I do think it’s getting riper.
    Mitchell was in Damascus few days ago and he acknowledged Syria has a crucial role to play in finding peace in the Middle East. Obama confirmed that a new ambassador is gonna be appointed in Damascus pretty soon (some say he may be senior american diplomat Fred Hoff who left Israel today heading to Damascus and who is advising Mitchell on the Syrian track). Saudi Arabia is also planning on reopening its embassy in Syria and maybe a meeting in Damascus between King Abdallah, President Assad and Hariri (the son)… something is definitely going on, it won’t necessarily lead to peace but is the best chance we had since Madrid 91.
    Anyway as far as I’m concerned Golan can be either Syrian or Israeli as long as they keep making great wine.
    E grazie dei complimenti.

  3. gValtolina dit :

    come sovente: bravo rocco. è tardi, non ho letto tutto bene, ma da conoscitore degli affari siriani non c’è nulla di diverso dalla realtà, a differenza di altri articoli scritti sulla siria dal Tamarindo (o sul medioriente). resta da capire come la « debolezza »di nethanyau rispetto all’amministrazione obama si rivelerà. perché il problema locale, in fondo, resta la palestina. e globale l’iran, verso cui lo stesso barack hussein sta muovendosi per vie alternative. e se non sarà guerra, sarà qcosa di simile, come già in qualche modo si scorge. notte, g