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(Italiano) (English) Building walls, not bridges

23 juillet 2009
Posté Attualità, Politics
de Luna Brozzi

Désolé, cet article est seulement disponible en English.

One Response to “(Italiano) (English) Building walls, not bridges”

  1. MSK dit :

    Dear Luna,

    first of all I don’t see the point of comparing,or just mentioning a fake comparison, between the fence situated between Israel and the West Bank and the issue of immigration in Italy. Is it just because it sounds nice to talk about walls and bridges?

    Second of all, and here is my point: France has a long tradition from the French Revolution on of supporting secularism and leaving the religion between the walls of each and every one’s home. The hijab was banned as any big religious symbols of ANY OTHER RELIGION. Furthermore we could debate about the freedom of choice of Muslim women to wear the veil…

    Thirdly it does not seem that anyone is proposing a serious solution to illigal immigration, but signing agreements with dictators as Gheddaffi who, if you (in general)haven’t understood yet, is just making fun of us and using our sources and sense of guiltiness for his own porpuses.

    Sorry Sonia but I don’t see any serious reflection of today’s problems nor a suggestion for a possible solution in your article. And that picture you posted is just meaningless.