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(Italiano) (English) From Syria, once the Cradle of Civilizations, to Italy

14 mai 2008
Posté Attualità, Fiori
de Luna Brozzi

7 Responses to “(Italiano) (English) From Syria, once the Cradle of Civilizations, to Italy”

  1. Amira dit :

    Cara Luna, mi ha fatto molto piacere leggere il tuo articolo e vedere, attraverso altri occhi, le stesse sensazioni che spesso provo anche io, per essere figlia, come te, di due mondi!Un saluto, Amira

  2. William Sbrega dit :

    « Endless talks and conversations have led me to conclude that Italians are not so different from Arabs even though one is considered European »

    E’ probabilmente per questo che l’Italia è sempre stato (fino a pochi anni fa) un paese filo-arabo…

    Comunque complimenti per il post, è molto interessante e ben scritto!

  3. Giacomo dit :

    e daje luna!!!!

  4. Dana121 dit :

    It is good to hear other people point of view. However, what i did find it interesting is that how you went deeply talking about Syria and Italy and yet you ended up feeling partially American!!. I’m sure visiting USA is not enough to discover all it hidden details and you might be surprised as much as you got when you lived in Italy!!

  5. Nizar dit :

    I want to thank you so much for this wonderful article. Syria is a very wonderful place and it’s 10.000 years deep in history. Italy always was the source of the thinkers and the shadow of Rome is still been seen everywhere in the Sunny Damascus. Wherever you go in Syria you found Italian people who are 3000 years old are there to make sure that no harm will happen to the wonderful ruinsthat they’ve built.

  6. Mira Kocache dit :

    Luna Bianca Maria Brozzi …. Bravo …. You are actually the perfect definition of half Syrian and half Italian and i would say in one way American .. I loved the article , you actually put a smile on my face while reading it .. i would like to thank you for portraying Syria the way you did , and as you said in ever country there is the good and the bad . But at the end of the day you will fall in love with your own country whether its perfect or not . .. Keep up the good job . Mira Kocache

  7. Lema dit :


    Excellent article, very well put, and happy to know that you left here feeling very well connected to what it really is! This is truly the best way to portray the world we live in here, and how it can relate to other cultures you have been associated with. It is interesting, though, seeing the connection you built between Italy and Syria and the similarities that exist. I guess this is a start to showing the West, what it is about, and what a better way to know about it than fromt someone who has experienced both worlds! All the best to you…