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The Middle Eastern Student Conference launches for the second year in a row!

23 June 2009
Published in Politics, Segnalazioni
by Margherita Sacerdoti

mescIn 2008 a group of young students from Tel Aviv University decided to take the initiative and organize a conference on the Middle Eastern conflict. Fifty students and young professionals from all over the world participated in a five-day series of seminars, simulations, field tours and lectures.

This year the same group of students decided to repeat the experience given the new challenges in the region and the world politics. This initiative is important both because of the quality of professors and expert that will guide participants into a better understanding of the strategic and political game that is being played in the Middle East and for the internationality of the participants. In fact as in last year conference people from Lebanon and Afghanistan attended the entire week, this year people from South Korea, Pakistan and Indonesia have already subscribed to the summer conference.

mesc-picThe quality of the program is what makes this conference an unbiased and serious event for whoever desire to improve his or her negotiation skills, learn the complex diplomacy behind the Middle East states’ behavior and meet people with the same interests and enthusiasm from all different part of the world. The fact that participants come from the Middle East itself, Asia and the Western World makes it clear that the program is appealing and gives the opportunity to learn how to deal with different cultures and how to come to an agreement with partners, no matter how difficult it can be.

MESC2 will take place between August 2nd and August 6th, for more information can be found at MESC2’s website: www.mesc-tlv.com. Applications’ deadline for this year is July 7th, 2009.