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Ci spiace, ma questo articolo è disponibile soltanto in English.

Matteo Incisa

Matteo Incisa is an odd creature believing simplest things the most dangerous, simplistic solutions the less effective and simple people incredibly tedious. More than a decade spent desolately between Florence and Genoa was preceded by a sparkling short infancy in Paris, breached by a year in dreamy-LA and buried by the civilized-Milanese-age. A couple of degrees later here he goes back to hell, stuck in Geneva, preposterous Alpine village with more version of its name than the inhabitants it gets. Worked for the European Commission, and astonished by how an apple cannot be apple if its diameter measures more than 14.5 centimeters. When personal assistant of an LA studios manager met a couple of guys everyone-want-to-meet, and thought make up can do miracles. When co-hosting a talk show on some TV got the prove make up can do miracles – but your ignorance can do more. Practicing as a lawyer let him loose his sense of justice. At least, of that you can find in court. Writing is a passion. If on international politics, a deep passion. Travelling is a basic need. Los Angeles, Paris, Belgrade, Toronto, Valencia, Edinburgh are places where he left a piece of heart - and keeps coming back.
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  1. Interesting piece.
    I like the sarcastic demolition of the CNN-style characterisations of Russia as an unfortunate, inebriated bear.
    Delightful that such stereotypes still persist and resonate in the collective irrationale.
    The news-nibbling public need to understand quickly and easily why Russia flexes its muscles (over Georgia, Serbia, Chechnya, etc.) in terms that are distinct from Our military expeditions.
    So it is easier to portray Russia’s foreign policy as qualitatively different in motivation.
    What better way than to cite geography?
    “They do things differently Over There…”

    This is reminiscent of a strange claim Gerhard Schroder made some years back:
    By recognising its culpability in the Nazi Holocaust and explicitly turning its back on extremism, Germany has “finally completed its long journey to the West”.
    This is because we Westerners would never do anything as beastly as genocide.
    Therefore, the Nazis cannot have really been Westerners.

    Who says that Africans have the monopoly on tribalism?

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